Husky Told To Get In Kennel, Repeatedly Tells Owner ‘No’


In a network there was a funny video with a dog husky, who knows how to talk. In Networks is gathering views video, on which dog breed husky “talks” with its master. In response to the replica of a male dog named Bandit howls.

In another video, a dog from a remote Russian village in the Amur region surprises the world with what he calls the mistress mom. The owners of the Bosi — Natalia and Leonid Fedorenko told that the dog lives with them for 11 years, and that they took him from the shelter. According to Natalia, their dog began to make sounds similar to the words, during family evenings at the TV.

Initially, the Boss did not pay attention, but then the dog began to repeat the word “mother”. Now, according to owners, he “speaks” it daily in certain situations — it even seems to them that the dog knows what it means and that it is pleasant to repeat this word.