Husky Puppy Tries To Win A Heated Argument


If there’s one thing Huskies are known for, it’s their unlimited energy. This Husky puppy, Sky, has learned to harness that energy at a young age as she debates and argues nonstop with her dad about a topic that she’s obviously very passionate about.

Sky and her dad, artist Aaron Dissell, are seen lying on the couch and having a heated argument about something. Aaron keeps telling Sky not to talk back and to keep quiet, but she is having none of it.

Sky is not going to disappoint her Husky ancestors today by giving up that easily. But just when you think Sky is about to win the argument, Aaron pulls a cheap shot and tells her she’s still a baby and she shouldn’t talk back to adults.

This sends Sky into a bit of a sulk and she begins whimpering and puts her foot in her mouth! Aaron rubs it in further by saying, “Yeah, foot in mouth. Exactly. Is that good?”

Poor Sky seems to have lost this argument, but you can be assured she’s going to come back with twice the fire next time!