Husky Is Mad And Won’t Look At Owner, So Mom Starts Singing Her Favorite Song


Husky-this is not only expressive eyes, and wayward character. As have this of the beauty, which very offended on its the lady of the. Dog vs will treated with the new spray from fleas. In retaliation, she decided not to look at the owner, no matter how affectionately she was called.

Well, mistress knows of my favourites! The woman began to sing a favorite song husky. At first the dog was hard to resist not to sing along, and then she broke down and looked at the owner. Huskies are calm and friendly, with a lively character. Dogs are very active and almost constantly in motion.

The dog is not suitable for use as a hunting — the hunting instinct is strong, but a hunting dog for yourself and production brings. You may however use Husky as a gun dog. The nature of the breed is not devoid of caution.