Husky Is Found So Malnourished She Looks Like A Skeleton – 10 Months Later She’s Unrecognizable


On the beautiful island of Bali, street dogs aren’t exactly an uncommon sight around its towns and villages. And while shelters and citizens do their best to help as many of the lost pups as possible, some fall through the cracks.

Such was the story of one husky surviving on the streets of Denpasar — though if not for one man, she likely wouldn’t have made it much longer.

The dog had bald spots and was so thin that her bones were easily seen through her diseased skin. Her bright blue eyes were the only things about her that were full of life. That’s the state 26-year-old Rico Soegiarto found her in when the two crossed paths. He knew he had to help her.

“I don’t know what was special about her,” Soegiarto told Bored Panda. “It’s about heart and feeling. I found her when I was on the way back home from work, she was in the middle of the street.”

That’s when Soegiarto made the decision to dedicate his days to carefully nursing the husky back to health. With time, grooming, pet visits, and plenty of good food, the sweet girl he’d named Hope became healthy again — and her transformation was amazing.

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