Husky Gets a Scolding From Mom


One of the most beautiful dog breeds is Siberian Huskies. They are known for their bright, piercing blue eyes and their thick black and grey contrasting fur. This gives them a very dramatic look, one which makes you feel like they are looking right into your soul. But just as dramatic as their appearance are their vocals. And when they get upset, it’s like toddler meltdown squared.

But let’s be serious, doggy meltdowns are pretty funny, especially this Husky hissy fit. Dramatically delivered by Blu, this fit of Oscar-winning proportions is downright hysterical. Watch as Blu cries and moans after getting scolded for ripping apart his dog bed while mom and dad were off on a date.

Mom scolds Blu and then he outright argues with her! Talking back and being sassy just the way most human kids are. No kidding, this beautiful pup is contending with my almost-ten-year-old son with the way he’s putting up a fuss.

“Blu… hey, don’t talk over me,” his mom scolds.

He gets quiet for a long enough time to think of something else to say that might get him out of trouble (sounds familiar).

“You don’t know what happened?” she asks. “Who did this? Was it you or your sister? Who made this big mess?”

And that’s when the Oscar-winning scene comes in. Blu is not having this. He’s mad that mom and dad left and he has zero apologies to give. And I am rolling on the floor.

Does your dog argue with you?