Husky Decided To Get Some Sleep On A Comfy Couch, But Then Camera Captures Unexpected Visitor


Sleeping is sooo much more pleasant when you have a napping buddy. You snuggle together, cuddle, relax and get angry together at anyone who tries to wake you up. As amazing as napping buddies are, I was still surprised when I saw who joined this cute Husky.

Maeby the Husky loves getting comfortable on the couch and have an afternoon nap. Suddenly a cat, named Farina shows up and decides that they should sleep together. The doggy gets a very nice massage in return of becoming a furry pillow for the Farina. So technically Farina wasn’t taking a nap WITH Maeby, but rather ON TOP OF Maeby, but that’s just her being a cat. I just wish I was there because I’m sure there would be room for one more