Hunting Dog Was Rescued And Freed – After Being Chained Up For Five Years


Most people in Greece love to hunt as a hobby and thus, would own their own hunting dogs to aid them during the hunt. Unfortunately, these hunting dogs would suffer a terrible fate should their owners stop hunting.

An English Setter named Duke used to assist his owner during his hunts but was no longer needed, so his owner simply stopped feeding him with food and water.

Poor Duke was chained up by his owner without any food or water and left to die.

An rescue organization called ZEIL soon got wind of Duke’s plight and quickly rescued him from a terrible fate.

It was saddening to see Duke’s condition, he could hardly lift his head due to the heavy chain around his neck!

The rescuers were shocked to find that Duke was severely underweight as he weighed less than 20 pounds only. A healthy dog of his breed should weigh at least 45 to 80 pounds!

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