Hungry Dog Demands Food From His Owner


Dogs just LOVE food. It’s never enough for them since they don’t realise how full they are. The video below is about one of the similar dogs who will never smell food and let it just be there, no matter how much they have eaten. Meet Ogi, an adorable, smart dog who looks flabbergasted to eat lunch while demanding it by ringing a bell!

In the video, Ogi is shown sitting in front of a table where his owner is slicing food. Because he can’t ignore the delish- looking food but also can’t disobey his owner, he asks for it by ringing the bell that is placed on the table. When his owner feeds him one small bite, he asks for it again!

When he gets another bite, he rings the bell without even swallowing what’s in his mouth! Then, it seemed like the ringing would ever stop! Ogi sure is one great food- lover!

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