Hopeless Pup Starves In Nightmare Conditions Before A Lucky Accident Saves Him


Siberian huskies are built to withstand extreme cold. They’re really amazing animals in that way.

But no animal can survive being chained up, starved, and abandoned in frigid temperatures.

Sadly, one beautiful Siberian husky named Cloud was all too familiar with such a nightmare, as his “home” was almost too hellish for words.

Rescue workers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania got word of a house collapsing in the middle of winter. But when they arrived, they weren’t prepared for what they saw:

Cloud was chained up next to the collapsed structure and volunteers quickly realized the poor thing had been chained up for most of his life.

And it was such a horrid situation: Cloud was forced to stand in his own waste, and his only shelter was a battered truck cap.

In Pennsylvania, it’s illegal to keep a dog tied up outside for more than 9 hours a day and when temps drop below freezing, the dog can only be chained up for 30 minutes.

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