Homeless Teacher Doesn’t Give Up Her Dogs


For Hillary Barrows, her two lovely dogs are part of her family. However, the 57-year-old teacher found herself in a very difficult situation last summer when circumstances threatened separate her and her beloved dogs.

Hillary found out that she could no longer stay in her apartment in France, and had to move out. She packed up her two rescue dogs, Robbie and Cleo, and went out searching for work teaching English in Denmark.

However, her job didn’t work out as planned, so she went home to United Kingdom. Throughout her journey, she went on to stay at Salvation Army shelters, but unfortunately she was made to keep her two dogs inside the car.

Matters didn’t improve when she went back home.

Following many months of just living from her car together with her dogs, she had been offered emergency housing, as long as she handed over Robbie and Cleo. She declined. Her dogs, she claimed, were the only ones keeping her from quitting entirely.

Robbie is an 8-year-old Egyptian Pharaoh hound and Cleo is a 5-year-old Labrador. The two were saved in Spain.

Winter arrived and she, together with her dogs, ended up almost freezing inside her old vehicle. She had been missing meals so she could pay for Cleo and Robbie’s food and counting on the goodness of some thoughtful individuals. However, the days pulled on with very little improvement and no comfort.

It was absolutely only once she agreed to reveal her tale to a local newspaper, showing the awful situation that they were in – having to let go of her dogs in exchange for shelter – that matters started to improve.

Throughout their trials and hardships, Hillary talked about the embarrassment and shame she experienced during those tough month. You can watch her chatting to SWNS.com regarding her experience in the video clip below.

When an animal rescue shelter found out about her experience, they decided to help, and financed a bungalow where she and her dogs could stay until she got back on her feet again. She also started a fundraising page and folks from around the globe have been nicely donating funds.

Hillary calls this turn of events an “amazing weekend of miracles!”

“It’s as if I’ve woken up one morning and been given a hundred million pounds. That’s the feeling,” she shared with Kent Online, with regard to the support she’s been getting. “It’s not the monetary value; it’s that sensation that your life changes in an instant.”

She states that she is at a loss for words for the outpouring of assistance and goodness she’s receiving. At the moment, she’s simply savoring the feeling of resting in a bed with a roof over her head.

The clip below was shot after she received the bungalow and the outpouring of assistance

Hillary doesn’t intend to rest until she’s got a home for her and her two lovely dogs.

“I promised to love and protect my babies until the day they pass on,” she had written on her fundraising site. “They need me and I need them.”

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