Homeless Puppy Is Freezing In The Night, Finds Warmth With Baby Jesus In A Nativity Scene


Stray dog warmed up in the den. This poor pup was cold, and the only place where he could warm up, it’s my mother’s Nativity scene, which attracted the puppy warm straw. Winter is harsh not only to wild animals. Pets also can suffer from the winter cold. Living in a comfortable home under the care of caring owners, dogs are more sensitive to cold and more prone to hypothermia than their wild relatives.

The danger of hypothermia can threaten any dog, but the cold sensitivity is very different in dogs of different breeds. For husky, for example, – 5° C is not a frost, pleasant coolness, a boxer at this temperature, already cold, and a small Chihuahua will receive significant hypothermia very quickly. But anyway in the cold the dog is better not to be outside too long. With deep hypothermia as the dog may become critical. The animal must be urgently delivered to a veterinary clinic for intensive resuscitation

. On the way the animal should be wrapped in a warm blanket, it is desirable to impose the victim the dog warmer. However, even successful reanimation is not always able to eliminate some irreversible changes of internal organs caused by hypothermia. Subsequently, possible health problems and early death of the animal. Neither passers-by nor patrol did not dare to chase the dog.