Homeless Man Stands Outside Walmart Pleading For Help For His Dog


A homeless man named Patrick might not have had a roof over his head, but he had plenty of love to give to his pooch named Franklin. He made sure his dog ate before he did, even if that meant that Patrick went hungry for days until compassionate people could help him out.

One day, Patrick and Franklin found themselves in a frightening situation. But it was the kindness of a stranger named Wilma Price that brought Patrick to tears and saved Franklin’s life.

Wilma was walking out of the Walmart in Huntsville, Texas, when she spied Patrick holding a cardboard sign. He wasn’t asking for food or a job, but rather made quite an unusual request that caught Wilma off guard.

His sign read,
“Dog in pound. Need help.”

Being a dog lover, Wilma was drawn in by Patrick’s plea. He was begging for money so that he could spring his dog from the animal shelter.

She took notice of how desperate Patrick looked, but with only $8 to her name, she decided to head back to her car. Yet halfway there Wilma stopped – haunted by his words.

There was no way she could leave Patrick and his pooch in the lurch, Wilma told CBS News. So she went back.

“He looked like a little boy standing there lost.”

Wilma asked Patrick what happened and he told her he’d gotten in trouble for trespassing. He had to spend two nights in jail and Franklin was taken from him.

The dog was classified as a stray and placed in a local animal shelter, all alone and without Patrick. When he finally was released from jail, the shelter informed him it would take $120 for him to spring Franklin from the pound.

Patrick told Wilma that there was no way he was leaving town and moving on without his dog. He also feared his dog might be adopted out to someone else or worse — euthanized.

Wilma could not believe what had happened and, recognizing just how much Patrick loved his dog, felt compelled to help him. She and a friend pooled their money together and headed to the shelter with Patrick in tow.

They made a quick stop at the store first, though, to make sure Patrick had the supplies to properly care for Franklin, such as a water bowl, dog food, and toys. Soon, Patrick found himself face-to-face with his beloved dog, receiving oodles of sloppy doggie smooches.

Patrick, a grown man, began to cry when they were reunited. He could not believe the generosity that Wilma, a complete stranger two hours before, had shown to him and Franklin.

“You did more for me than most people have done in my life. You don’t know how much I thank you.”

But Wilma wasn’t done there. As the owner of Mr. K’s Halfway House for Hounds and Kittys Too, she was inspired by Patrick’s love for his dog and set up a GoFundMe page to help out the duo who needed a gentle boost to get back on their feet — and paws.

Even though Wilma quickly shrugs off the praise she’s received for her kind deed, she encourages everyone to not “judge a book by its cover.” She emphasized that everyone deserves a chance and you never know when it might be you that needs the help.

Source: weloveanimals.me