Homeless Man Freezes So He Can Keep His Dog Warm – Then They Took His Dog Away


This man himself does not live in an apartment, but decided to warm the dog. Pets living on the street and adapted to the cold breed are able to cope with the cold, but some breeds require special care and conditions that provide protection in winter.

Dogs, lacking a dense undercoat, which protects against cold, wind and moisture, quickly freeze on the street and feel uncomfortable in a poorly heated room. Susceptible to cold naked, smooth-haired breed and small breed dogs that lose heat faster than large animals.

Living in the apartment Pets undercoat is also susceptible to cold, as the body does not notice much of a difference in temperatures, there is no need to build a dense and rich undercoat. Sensitive to cold puppies as well as older and sick dogs. Older Pets are less active, they have a slow metabolism, so the body produces little heat.