Homeless Dog Infested With 100K Fleas Is Dying A Terrible Death, But Vet Refuses To Let That Happen


You will become a witness of a disturbing case of animal neglect now. A 14-year-old terrier was found who looked like a dirty dog. However, the truth was awful. The doggy was eaten alive by the fleas. There was 100 k fleas on the dog that drank its blood from. The fleas had eaten over 85% of blood cells of this dog so when Rascal was found, he urgently needed medical assistance. The vets had to perform a lengthy blood transfusion to save the dog. The alternative solution was euthanasia, but thanks to Dr. Ken Langelier and the German Shepherd Katie who became the donor and donated 400 ml of her blood to Rascal the dog was saved. Now Rascal is on the road to recovery.