Hilarious Photos Of Pets Before And After A Bath


Many Pets would be for you to convince their owners that bathe them no less dangerous than watering the gremlins in the film of the same name – and is fraught with the same consequences. But we know the truth! Shock, resentment, panic and disgust – it is necessary for you to bring your pet cat into the bath, as all these emotions at once reflected in his surprised face.

Along with awkward (and totally failed) attempts to escape unnoticed. But we know that bathing the animal if someone is so dangerous that only the four-legged – or rather, his self-esteem. Because no matter how cool and wet in the shower cats and dogs – the sight extremely amusing. In their own way these visually reduced in three times animals look even more nice, than in the usual cloud down and wool.

Below you will find hilarious examples of how our beloved animals actually look like when all their fluffy greatness is washed away in the shower. Admittedly, shocked faces, wet cats we are particularly pleased.