Heroic Pit Bull saves family from fire, pulls baby by diaper to safety


A quick-thinking pit bull is being called a hero for saving a baby after a fire broke out at a Stockton, California, apartment, according to the child’s mother.

When flames enveloped Nana Chaichanhda’s residence on June 3, her 8-month-old dog Sasha alerted Chaichanhda and the rest of their family.

Nana Chaichanhda opened the door to see why the dog was yelping and behaving strangely. Before she even realized her cousin’s building in her fourplex was on fire. Sasha barged through the door and ran into 7-month old Masailah’s room. A family’s Pit Bull saved their lives after a terrible fire broke out in their apartment complex. The 8-month-old dog named Sasha was so intent on rescuing the family that she began dragging their 7-month-old daughter by her diaper to get her safety. Nana Chaichanhda from Stockton, California said Sasha was outside when the fire started and began to bang on the back door in her desperate attempt to get inside.

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