Heartbroken Beagle dumped at shelter to go on vacation but family taking new dog


Meet Toots – the heartbroken Beagle, who by far is having the worst day of her life.
Her family surrendered the friendly pup, they adopted in Hawaii six-years ago, to go on vacation for several weeks.

On Saturday, Toots was led into the high kill San Bernardino City Animal Shelter. Her photo reveals the panic in her eyes.

Animal advocate and shelter volunteer Andrea Neyses tells the dog’s story: “Today I saw the most selfish of humans! Going on vacation in a week or so giving up their family member Toots who they adopted six years ago in Hawaii.

That’s not the worst of it; they got a new dog they are taking with them.

Who can look in her face and know you’re their whole world and still walk away?,” questioned Andrea. “You have a real nice vacation. I bit my lip.”

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