He Was Wagging His Tail When An Unidentified Cop Shoot Him!


“He was wagging his tail. My dog wasn’t even moving, lunging toward him or anything.” Jennifer LeMay told the Minneapolis Star Tribune about her Staffordshire Terrier, Ciroc.

She is referring to an incident this weekend at her Minneapolis home where Ciroc and his four-legged companion, Rocko were shot and severely injured.

Ciroc and Rocko are emotional support dogs for LeMay’s sons who suffer from severe anxiety. So who would discharge a weapon on two dogs that weren’t aggressive or challenging them? And why? A cop.

We mostly talk about cops rescuing dogs, but sometimes, unfortunately, police officers do end up shooting dogs, but usually only as a last resort and if the animal threatens them.

“My dogs were doing their job on my property. We have a right to be safe in our yard,” LeMay further said on Sunday.

The identity of the officer who was initially on the property responding to a burglary call hasn’t been revealed, nor has the reason why he shot the dogs.

LeMay was camping with relatives in Wisconsin and left Ciroc and Rocko in a friend’s care. Her daughter came home and triggered the alarm, which also alerted the Minneapolis PD. The police arrived approximately 20 minutes after LeMay called the security company to deactivate the alarm.

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