He stares at the same spot every day, Waiting for the gift he refuses to receive


For one dog living on the street, he already got his miracle. But he didn’t understand it just yet…

People would pass by and see him sitting all alone in the apartment building’s parking lot. He would sit in the same spot day in and day out, staring in the same direction.

Many tried but no one could get near him. He would bolt as soon as he saw someone approach. And boy, is this dog fast!

One day, cameras capture an unexpected moment. The street dog runs toward a group of children outside the building. Only then, with their little hands, does he allow human contact. He loves kids!

But once the kids are done playing with him, he returns to the same spot in the parking lot and stares — what does it mean? What exactly is he waiting for?

Then, a woman walks out. His tail wags and he gets excited! She has a bowl of food for him. The woman tells the filmmaker: “This is my dog.”

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