He Saved Two Dogs From A Hot Car, Then Waited In The Parking Lot To Confront The Owner


According to a report from Metro, Danny said: “I saw the dogs when I first got to the store and then after taking an hour to do my shopping, they were still there when I left. I could tell they were in distress, they were panting and pacing through the car.”

He added: “I knew I needed to get them out urgently as they had no access to water. My car’s temperature’s gauge said that it was 33 degrees/91°F outside of the car so it must have been even hotter inside. I was willing to smash a window but to my surprise the car was unlocked so I just opened the door and called the first dog out.”

When he provided water to the dogs, he shared: “The boxer-type pup straight away was trying to drink it straight from the bottle. When her owner came over she wasn’t concerned at all. She claimed she’d only been gone for a few minutes but it was at least an hour. Dogs can die in hot cars and it’s a miracle they were both okay.”

Danny further noted: “My battery went so the video cut off before it showed me rescuing the other puppy. He was clearly agitated too. The owner’s partner then came over and was more worried about a lost wallet then his dogs. Afterwards, the couple sped away with them.”

He hoped his video would raise awareness about the dangers of leaving dogs in hot cars, saying, “I just hope people begin to realize how dangerous it is to leave your dogs in this heat. A person wouldn’t be able to cope with being left in a scorching car, and neither can a dog.”

Among the many comments left on social media about the woman’s negligence were those who were understandably outraged. One person noted: “So frustrating!! Why would you even take your dogs out of the house in this heat! Leave them at home.”

Sourse: awm.com