He Saved Two Dogs From A Hot Car, Then Waited In The Parking Lot To Confront The Owner


It’s a well known fact that pets should not be left in hot cars, yet people still commit this terrible act and, many times, it ends in tragedy. When a man happened upon two dogs in a parked car on a very hot day, he decided to take action. Rather than calling the authorities and waiting for their arrival, he got out his cell phone and started filming.

After taking video showing the dogs inside of the car, Danny Cruttwell discovered that the car door was unlocked and proceeded to rescue the dogs from the hot vehicle. He pulled one of the dogs out, who appeared grateful to exit the car. The second dog was equally as excited to have the help of a kind stranger. Danny also provided the dogs with some much appreciated water.

When their owner arrived to find Danny with one of her dogs outside of the car, she was furious and the two exchanged some heated words.

She claimed they were only in the car for a few minutes, but Danny called her out on it, as he had been there for quite some time and witnessed the dogs inside of the vehicle.

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