He Put The Dog In The Front Seat Of His Car. When He Starts Driving, Keep Your Eye On His Paw…


The dog is a little upset and needs her owner to calm down. Even if the car yet, you can start to carry your puppy on public transport. The animal will get used to the road noise, cornering, braking, learn to go out and go on command.

All this will be useful to him during trips in the car. But even if you missed the moment, it’s okay — an adult dog can also be accustomed to such an event as the carriage of dogs in the car. The dog should move freely through the cabin — it is dangerous both for her and for passengers.

You can carry it in carry or autogamic. You can attach the leash to the rear seat pins or buy a harness that attaches to the seat belt. You can set a special delimiter that separates the dog from the passengers. Some cars have a place to carry dogs in the trunk.