He Is About To Put His Senior War Dog To Sleep


When heroes are honored you almost never can see dogs among them, This is unfair as they risk the same way and even more being sent to most dangerous spots of the world. The job of the dog is to protect its partner and this dog has coped with its mission. Still the owner has lost part of his leg to a bomb, but it would be worse without the dog’s alert. Sgt. Canvas was adopted after war by the member of its crew. This dog saved many lives as he was able to detect 70 kinds of explosives. Then he started living a normal life in a family like a common dog. Still health problems revealed one day. His spine injury brought much pain and it was impossible to fix the condition in some way. Therefore difficult decision was taken to euthanize the dog to relieve him of pain. The owner decides to take his friend for a last ride and bikers join him to show their support.