He Found A Teeny Puppy Covered In Blood–X-rays Revealed The Horrible Truth


A maintenance worker at an apartment complex in Rock Hill, South Carolina thought it was a day like any other. Until he found a tiny six-week-old puppy covered head-to-toe in blood, that is. The worker, Daryl, did the right thing. He rushed the poor baby right away to the Ebenezer Animal Hospital for treatment.


The vets at the hospital named the little guy Brody. They sent Brody for an x-ray to try and figure out what had happened to him. What they found horrified everyone in the room.

Sadly, Brody had been shot with a BB gun 18 times. The vets were amazed that none of the pellets hit any of the tiny guy’s vital organs or broke any of his little bones. It’s a good thing too because Brody is far too young to go under anesthesia. As a result of that, the vets couldn’t remove the pellets.

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