Golden Retriever Gives Birth To 8 Normal Puppies


What could be more adorable than a little of newborn puppies? As dog owner Louise Sutherland helped her three-year-old Golden Retriever, Rio, give birth, she knew she was in for a precious scene… but she didn’t expect one of the pups to give her a surprise!

Seven of Rio’s puppies were born with standard coats, but one pup– now aptly named Forest– had green fur.

Sutherland later learned that, in Forest’s case, a compound called biliverdin – the bile pigment that turns some bruises a greenish color – mixed with his mother’s amniotic fluid, resulting in one unique and colorful puppy.

Forest’s case is extremely rare; there have only been a couple other documented cases of puppies born green.

The pigment is harmless and, fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it), only temporary.

“The color has faded quite a bit already and will be gone soon, I’m told,” said Sutherland.

This was Rio’s second and last litter, Sutherland said. As soon as they’re done weaning, all the puppies will head off to new homes with loving families …All the puppies except one, that is.

Sutherland is holding onto Forest. Even though his green-hued coat may be temporary, she just can’t let go of her special, emerald pup