Giant Shy Dog Approached A Woman Nervously Asking For Help


Battered and abused dog Arnie didn’t trust anyone. And where was the trust?! Arnie found at the gas stations in Athens, Greece. One of the volunteers saw it and wanted to save the poor fellow from his sad fate. On a cold night two volunteers from The Orphan Pet’s wanted to help the dog. Arnie behaved very cautiously and did not want their help. The woman was slowly approaching him. But Arnie was not going to fall for this trick. Probably, it was already too much pressure for a lonely stray dog. The woman asked that all others moved away from her, and Arnie. She sat in front of the dog for more than an hour. The woman tried to approach. She gave him to make the choice whether he wants to come closer to her or not. In the end, Arnie gave up. He has provided the necessary medical assistance.