Giant Dog Approaches Baby Twins


If you are a puppy, that means that you like to play fetch – and like this game a lot! Look at this cute Labradoodle who also needs to play, but can’t do it alone (Labradoodles are a cross between Poodles and Labrador Retrievers that were bred to be hypoallergenic). The dog found two ideal playmates for that – they do nothing and relax leisurely near the pool. The dog thinks that there is no choice better! But for some reason nothing comes of his brilliant idea. Though twin baby (human) sisters look at him attentively, nothing happens!
The doggy tries his best to make them involved. He does not understand that babies are too small for such game. However, if dog is patient enough in several months they will enjoy this game together! He will have many playmates beside. Isn’t it cool?