German Shepherd With Broken Foot Trapped In Industrial Lot


When a dog is in need in California, there is one rescue organization to call – Hope For Paws. The amazing team came to the rescue of a stray female German Shepherd trapped in an industrial lot.

Lisa Arturo and JoAnn Wiltz arrived at the scene and saw the dog hiding behind some equipment. They enticed the dog with food to come closer to them. Slowly, the dog made her way to the fence to eat the food. It was unclear how the dog got into the lot but they assumed it was when the gate was last open.

After offering food and water to the dog, they began to look for a way to get her out of the lot. They saw an opening in the gate and lured the dog over to see if she could fit through the opening. The sweet dog went to the opening but it was not big enough.

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