German Shepherd Shows His Gentle Side When Tiny Kitten Tries To Pick A Fight With Him


Dogs are just the best companions we can ever have. They are so faithful and loyal to their owners and nothing short of being angels. They always show affection towards everyone they see their “pack”. This is true even if they see a cat as part of their pack! Cats and dogs are said to be enemies, but dogs can be gentle with kitties if they accept that they are part of the family and need to be loved as well. If you’re still in doubt about how cats and dogs could possibly be friends, just take a look at the following clip!

This German Shepherd was just going about his day, minding his own business. German Shepherds are known to be extremely obedient and well-behaved dogs as long as they are trained well. But the pooch in the following clip was on another level! That is because he was so calm even while being attacked by a very hyperactive cat! This tiny cat had the audacity to pick a fight with a dog more than twice its size, but he was lucky, as the pooch had the patience of a saint.

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