German Shepherd Puppy Befriends River Otter & They Have Cutest Playdate Ever.


Does this otter think she’s a puppy? Or does the puppy think he’s an otter? Maybe neither, but whatever they’re thinking, this is the most adorable, impromptu playdate we’ve ever seen!

David and Jo Putnam were out for a stroll with their German shepherd puppy one day last summer when they ran across an unlikely playmate. Naturally, they took out their phone to record the super-sweet interaction.

The video, shot in Kodiak, Alaska, picks up mid-play, but we can only presume the puppy and river otter spent a few moments sizing each other up before the fun began.

Both are visibly overjoyed at this unexpected encounter and go at it like long-lost littermates. One second, the otter’s flipped onto her back and fending off the puppy’s playful nips, then, in one fluid movement, she flips back onto her feet and scrambles over to the seawall, all but begging the puppy to give chase.

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