German Shepherd Has Skills To Save Mom’s Life, And She Trained Him How


Dogs never fail to do things that bring joy, love, and happiness to the lives of their humans. Macayla Gardner, owner of a German Shepherd puppy named Ryder, discovered just how important her pooch would be in her life. She never could have imagined that getting kicked by a horse would change the course of her life.

Since Macayla was unconscious for a minute or two, she began having episodes where she would literally fall over without warning. You can imagine how scary this must have been. Eventually, she was diagnosed with having seizures.

Macayla noticed her pup, Ryder, would act differently right before she would have a seizure. The doctor suggested the woman train Ryder to be her service dog. Though she was scared, she spent every day training the pup to hopefully do what she needed him to do. Bow wow, did he exceed her expectations.

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