Generous Woman Adopts All The Animals


Tina Marie Lythgoe, the founder of Josh and His Critters, might just be the Florence Nightingale of animals. Josh is her dog and he, with his owner, captures the hearts of many as they work to help all kinds of animals in need.

The unimaginably generous woman takes in animals who are the misfit and take care of them while nobody wants them. She has decided that she is going to do this for her entire life. She takes care of animals who are blind, deaf, dying, deformed or have any other kind of problems. She doesn’t only take in dogs and cats but also any other type of animals, like pigs, horses, mice, and chickens. There is literally no limit to her kindness.

Tina says, “We go to the shelter, and we go to the medical ward where the dogs are really, really broken.”

Not only does she take care of the animals she takes in health-wise, but also makes sure that they get all the love and care in the world.

Taking care of sick animals can get very difficult. You have to look after them around the clock and to fulfil their medical needs is not a piece of cake. However, these difficulties have not come in between Tina and her empathy.

Little Bird, her quadriplegic little Poodle, is also one of the lucky animals she took in. Little Bird had a cleft lip, a single nostril, defected necks and lungs, which made people look past her for a ‘better’ dog. But, Tina took him in and shut the mouths of everyone who said he couldn’t live.

The Poodle used to be unable to use his legs at all, but now he walks perfectly! He also is sweet and social with other animals and loves Tina unconditionally.

Little Bird is just one of the many animals Tina has taken care of. A story like his is what inspires her the most. And a story like Tina’s is what encourages everyone to be kind to every being on Earth. The world would be so much better if everyone were like her!

Watch the video below to learn more about Tina: