Funny Dogs Who Don’t Want To Take A Bath – Try Not To Laugh


So inherent nature, that cats hate water and if the owner of the animal decides to atone, he must be prepared for scratches and bites, wild cat, and maybe human, yell, as well as the option to be drenched with water from head to toe. Not strange a lot of dog in this case was not different from cats and I just hate bathing. They funny rest and run away, hiding under the bed in the hope that they will not suffer the fate of being wet and … clean!

In continuation of the article you will find a funny video featuring the four-legged scum who do not want to wash. Many dog owners naively believe that all dogs are excellent swimmers. However, there are those who do not know how to swim at all or swim with great difficulty.

These are Corgi, Basset, Dachshund, bulldogs, pugs, Scottish Terriers, Boston Terriers. Some have a mortal fear of water, while others are quite able to overcome themselves for the sake of the owner and to get in the water, but this pastime will still be bad for them.