Funny Dogs Meeting Cute Baby Animals


Dogs have a highly developed curiosity, it is particularly evident in relation to the new objects. That curiosity allows animals, even old, to learn with joy. During training dogs any special reception needs account for this natural joy.

After only 15 days after birth, the puppy has a desire to know what surrounds him and the smell of all things around him. Walk need a dog not only because of the need to “stretch”, but also because of the great curiosity and desire to learn new smells. That’s why many dogs love to ride in cars. Have this animal curiosity can be defined as “research activity.”

Dog interested and visual images. Vision is the sense that is most often tricks the dog. However, be aware that a very close look is the result of exposure to other senses (smell and hearing), providing the eyes in the right direction and help to overcome the inherent weakness of vision in dogs. But do not confuse the visual curiosity of a dog with the look in her eyes, differing greatly in different species.