Frightened Dog Who Ran Away During Fireworks Is Finally Reunited With His Family


Hope For Paws, an animal rescue organization, received a call about a pit bull who was found hiding under someone’s car.

Volunteers arrived at the scene to try and help the dog. They put a little plastic fence around the car so they could make sure the dog couldn’t run away while they were trying to catch him.

The poor dog was so afraid that he growled at his rescuers when they approached him. He was so nervous that he didn’t even accept the food that they were trying to give him. The frightened dog didn’t understand that these people were there to help him, not hurt him. But the rescuers refused to give up.

They reached behind the car and were finally able to get ahold of the dog. They slowly led him out of his hiding place. Now it was time to gain his trust. First, the rescuer used a towel to pet the dog with, just in case he was going to be aggressive. But the dog seemed to be very friendly so he then pet him with his hand.

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