Firefighters Rushed Into Home To Find Dog Lying On Top Of 4 Kittens To Protect Them From Fire


People aren’t the only ones who can be heroes…animals can be too! Firefighters responded to a house fire in Melbourne, Australia.

The family got out safely, along with one of their dogs, Barney. But their other dog, named Leo, was still inside and hadn’t come out yet. The family feared the worst, and waited nervously outside the home, not knowing if they’d ever see their beloved dog ever again.

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Firefighters rushed inside to look for the dog. Then they discovered something totally unexpected. Leo was inside guarding the family’s four kittens who were trapped in the blaze.

By the time the firefighters got to him, he was unconscious, but luckily they found him early enough that they were able to give him oxygen and revive him.

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