Firefighters Rush Into Burning House And Find Dog. Let Out Gasp When They Look Under Him


This brave god nearly died saving 4 little kitten. This dog saved a kitten from a burning house. When the owners let her off the chain, the dog ran away from the fire, and rushed into the fire and came out with this kitten. Fire is one of the terrible troubles that can overwhelm a family. The most difficult for the rescuers is to find quickly all the tenants and help them to leave the burning home. Heavy smoke not only impedes the search for people caught in a fire trap, but in and of itself kills them. It turns out that the house was 4 more newborn kitten, which was protecting a dog named Leo. By this time, she was unconscious. Pulling them all out of the house, rescuers brought the dog to her senses and the first thing Leo checked what is the status kids. Now they’re fine.