Fearless Woman Doesn’t Hesitate, Marches Straight Into Frozen Lake To Save Stranger’s Dog


Ben West along with other dog lovers were out walking in the Eastern part of Vancouver. The man enjoyed the fallen snow when a terrible thing happened-suddenly ice cracked under one of the animals running on the frozen pond.

At that time, as the owner of the dog stood on the shore and desperately called his pet, a female witness immediately jumped into frozen lake to rescue an animal that couldn’t get out of the water. “This woman, without hesitation, immediately climbed into the water,” said Ben West, who looked with amazement from the shore.

“She took off her jacket and made her way through the ice with her hands. The people persuaded her not to do it because she could get sick, but she could not be stopped.” When she got to the unfortunate animal, the dog is already struggling trying to stay afloat. West remembers that it was awful.