Family Wanted to Get Their Puppy a Kitten But Stray Kitty Found Them Instead


“So there we were, new place with no furniture, no bed but a little white cat, our new family member, Abyzou,” Sorin said. “She was abandoned and very dirty, hungry and smelled like trash. When we got her, she was very friendly and eager to be loved.”

After they moved in the next day, they took her to the vet to get her cleaned up and vetted. The couple went on a shopping spree for the kitty to get supplies, food and plenty of new toys. “In return, she didn’t stop purring and cuddling.”

When Abyzou was ready to meet her canine brother Dante, she was very curious about this “funny looking cat.”

“The second day, they started to smell each other but kept a little distance until we filled Dante’s bowl with water, and Aby ran straight there to drink his water even though hers was full,” Sorin told Love Meow.

Aby showed her canine lookalike how to eat and drink from a bowl.

Soon, they became close friends and spent most of their time playing, chasing each other, hanging out on the balcony, and staring at their human parents when they eat.

Dante loves to imitate whatever his feline sister is doing.

“He wants to play with whatever the kitty is playing, and he wants to sit wherever she is sitting,” Sorin added.

“If Aby is sleeping in my lap, he wants to stay in my lap, too. If she licks my hand, Dante wants to be in the action as well.”

“They run, jump and play with each other all day until they fall asleep.”

These two partners in crime create all sorts of antics around the house. They feed on each other’s energy and keep the house full with endless entertainment.

Their favorite pastime is to bask in the sun on the balcony, watching the day go by.

Privacy no longer exists in the household with these two little mischief-makers around.

Aby has taught Dante the art of supervising their humans.

They have been together for seven months, and their bond is stronger than ever!

“They are adorable and make our lives more beautiful and exciting,” Sorin told Love Meow. “They are our joy and happiness, our amazing children.”