Expensive Dogs ONLY Rich People Can Afford


According to a popular proverb, the dog is man’s best friend. Of course, this is true. They can be excellent guards, assistants in the economy and on the hunt, as well as give an unlimited amount of positive to their owners.

Some people prefer to have at home a sweet mongrel, while others want to become owners of a dog of rare and pure breed, the cost of which reaches impressive amounts. Dogs of expensive breeds often find their homes in wealthy families, becoming part of their high position and, of course, part of their lives, being true friends, despite their elite. There are a number of factors that make a dog expensive.

The main of them are considered rare, and the purity of the breed, number of awards and titles, health and exterior of the dog. It is very difficult to determine exactly what breed is the most expensive, as prices vary greatly depending on the above factors, but based on the average cost in the world, you can make a tentative list of species for which people give a lot of money.