Even with Broken Bones, Mercy Wouldn’t Stop Wagging Her Tail!


The dog was in a terrible condition. She urgently needed help. She couldn’t even walk anymore. Just had to wag his tail. Long been known that tail — indicator of canine mood, but a group of Italian scientists found what emotions do you experience dogs, tail waving left and right.

Conducting research on dozens of animals of various species, the researchers found that, if the dog is set positive, it wags its tail to the right. If, on the contrary, it is in a state of anxiety, sadness or angry, then to the left. One important point: all of this suggests that the expression of emotions in dogs is associated with the hemispheres of the brain.

The fact that in the scientific world in recent years does not subside dispute about whether the emotional asymmetry of the brain in any of the animals. While it is believed that this can only people.