Escape Dog Returns To Shelter 11 Times. Then They Realized He Was Trying To Tell Them Something


Gumby is a 7-year-old hound who was trying to give a hint, but the humans he applied to didn’t get it. This was the staff at the Charleston Animal Society (CAS). The good thing is that they got it at last!
The dog was adopted so many times! But each time doggy returned to the shelter. For some reason, dog could not relax at other place. Even the most comfortable conditions were unbearable for him, because he did not feel at home. People working at the shelter just thought that doggy did not like his new place and continued to look for another family. They could not guess one simple thing: doggy belonged that place. He decided to be there, he liked to be there – to help frightened dogs adapt and feel better. His goal was clear and he wanted to reach it. Eventually, people have guessed and stopped sending him to different homes. Gumby was at home already!