EMTs Rush Seizing Man To Hospital, Then Look In Side Mirror And Hearts Melt


It’s no secret that dogs and their human best friends form a special bond.

But when a pup and their owner experience hardship together, it’s understandable how that bond can be much, much stronger. If you’re skeptical, just take a look at the below video. It shows how strong of a relationship one man and his dog has. They’ve gone through everything together, and the pup wasn’t about to let his best friend leave his sight — even if that meant chasing after a speeding ambulance.

It must’ve been quite a sight to see: a scrappy little street dog was chasing after an ambulance in the middle of one of the largest cities in Brazil. Speeding past pedestrians and bicyclists and jumping over large cracks in the pavement, he maneuvered between the street and the sidewalk. The determined pooch absolutely would not let the ambulance out of sight.

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