Emaciated Hounds Living In Vile Conditions Are Rescued In Ohio


Imagine living in standing water, surrounded by trash, invested with fleas, and the only place to rest is covered in feces. This was the daily lives of a pack of hounds in Ohio. Each dog was tethered on a short chain. Some of the dogs were chained to the bumpers of broken down vehicles, while others were in cramped make-shift cages. The dogs were emaciated and literally howling for help.

The Landwehr family, from Paulding County, Ohio, heard the cries of hounds day and night from a local property. When one dog escaped and showed up gaunt and in poor condition, they knew they had to call someone for help.

The “Dog Ambassadors” called the World Animal Awareness Society(WA2S) for help in rescuing the hounds. The family shared their story with Tom McPhee from WA2S. McPhee visited the property were the dogs were kept and was heartbroken at the state the dogs were in. He could tell that many were skinny and covered in fleas.

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