Emaciated Dog Was Aggressive To Everyone She Met


All want to be loved but sometimes when everything goes wrong, they do not even realize that this is so. The creature that is angry at the whole world just wants love and care and tries to get it the only way available to the dog: barking at all and biting at times. It all could end badly for the doggy but it was lucky to meet a patient human who saved her life. That man found compassion and love and spent much time with Lena. He found her on the side of the road, left tied to a garbage can so she was even unable to look for food. No wonder the doggy was emaciated. She looked like a bag of skin and bones. Lena was very aggressive. Fortunately, she eventually managed to overcome traumatizing experience and became affectionate again. I am so happy to see the dog’s transformation! A new caretaker nursed her back to health, so she gained weight and transformed not only physically but psychologically.