Emaciated Dog Walks Two Miles For Her Pups, Despite Her Broken Leg


One sickly and starving female Ibizan Hound touched the hearts of many once people got wind of what she had endured in order to keep her puppies alive despite her condition. This is the story of Vera, who had walked at least a 2-mile’s worth of distance to fetch human help for her ailing young. Vera was bone-thin with a broken leg as shown in the picture below, but her health did not deter her from her duty as a mother.

Limping all the way towards and back, Vera managed to get the attention of a local woman named Lianne Powell, who followed her along with a local vet, all the way to an abandoned car where her pups were. There were 10 puppies nested in a basket at the back of the vehicle itself!

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