Elderly Woman Stopped Eating and Speaking for Nearly 3 Days but When a Dog Visited, Her She Lighten Right Up


TheraPaws, a program run by The Mayhew Animal Home in London, England, brings animals to people who are sick, elderly or at the end of their lives. Volunteers take their dogs, and sometimes kittens, to hospice care programs, hospitals and dementia care homes.

As soon as people see the dogs, their faces light up. They help give hope to these patients who don’t have much left. One woman there hadn’t eaten or spoken in three days. But when she had a dog put on her bed, she began to pet her and then started talking about her. From that point on, she talked to her family again and agreed to take her medicine.

There’s just something about these therapy dogs that make people feel alive again. Of course, it’s part of the dogs’ jobs, but even non-therapy dogs can have this effect on people. They bring people joy and even give others a purpose to keep on keepin’ on.

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