Elderly Woman Who Hadn’t Spoken Or Eaten In 3 Days Came Alive When She Was Given A Dog


TheraPaws is a British animal care therapy program, according to which animals are trained to help sick and old people. Volunteers bring dogs and even cats to them – in conjunction with numerous hospice care programs that are conducted in dementia care homes and hospitals.

The dogs are a symbol of humanity and hope, and deliver special yet successful consolation for patients. But the case with one woman was really impressive. She had not eaten or spoken a word for 3 whole days. However, when doggy arrived, old lady began to open up more. It looked like a miracle – woman began talking to people, she started taking her medicine on a regular basis.
Now about 50 TheraPaws dogs work in 43 care homes in London and hopefully, this practice will grow and will become accepted in other countries of the world.