Dying Woman Holds 19 y/o Service Dog Close to Her


This video is about the dog named Baxter. Baxter is a special dog because he is a therapy dog. This inspirational video shows the importance of therapy dogs for some patients. Baxter is amazing! People in pain feel more comfortable with such dogs. In the most difficult moments of your life man’s best friend is always close. Dogs do so much for people! Healthcare is just one of the spheres.
When we say that dogs are loving it does not only refer to the relationship between the dog and the owner. They love other people as well and are ready to serve them when needed.
Dogs work in the sphere of security, show business, therapy and etc. So therapy dog is just one of their professions.
This video shows the oldest therapy dog who helped so many patients in its life. This doggy was put to sleep when she was 19 years and 6 months old. He helped so many people and even being old he does the same. It has become his mission throughout his life!