Dog’s remarkable reaction to her cancer test results captured on camera


Lily is a Golden Retriever who lives with her people in Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii. One day, seemingly from out of nowhere, this beautiful dog got sick. She was so sick, she could hardly stand and her breathing was labored. The veterinarian discovered she had a tumor on her spleen that was causing her to bleed internally. Without a blood transfusion, she would be dead in hours. The tumor was hemangiosarcoma, a common and deadly cancer in Golden Retrievers.

Surgery was necessary to save her life—but even with surgery, it would probably only buy her a few more months. Their one hope was that it was benign. However, in 20 years of emergency veterinary medicine, the vet had never seen it come out that way. There was only a 10% chance that it was the case with Lily. Her people decided they wouldn’t give up on her, and they emptied their savings account and went ahead with the surgery.

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